The Story of Telos Blockchain and why it’s one of the undervalued coins.

Almost everyone who is active in cryptocurrency World have heard about EOS Blockchain, which promised to become Ethereum killer but later came under criticism for its centralization, corruption and vote buying.

I helped to launch EOS Blockchain as a founder of EOS Tribe block producer candidate back in 2017 and later watched it evolve in ways most didn’t anticipate. I have written my reflection on it in a now dated post: Many of my observations and predictions in the above article are self evident today creating a down pressure on EOS coin price.

This post however is about much less known Telos Blockchain, which was launched by many original technical BP teams who have left EOS after it’s de-facto takeover (details in my previous post).

Telos is a fork of the same EOSIO code with many problems discovered in EOS fixed in Telos version. You can think of Telos as an upgraded version of EOS Blockchain with more equitable distribution of tokens and better Governance model and zero inflation on total supply of tokens to top it off.

And this why I think Telos has more potential for grows and token appreciation vs current EOS coin. Here are my arguments for Telos:

  1. Telos has a diverse technical community and technical talent which keeps innovating and bringing more real World use cases;

Given Telos limited supply and speed of innovation — I see dramatic potential for Token appreciation in coming months.

You can learn more about Telos on it’s main website:

If you are developer — you can win some TLOS by participating in latest Hackathon to build Governance apps on Telos blockchain:

Disclaimer: I am founder of Crypto Tribe — Validator on Telos and other POS chains: and developer for TRIBE Wallet supporting TLOS and other major coins:



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Eugene Luzgin

Software technology leader and problem solver with diverse track record in software industry roles ranging from individual contributor to a startup founder.