How to create personalized NEAR account

Learn about NEAR at

NEAR is a new Proof of Stake Blockchain, which is fast growing in adoption and market value:

NEAR supports names addresses like name.near in addition to long hash addresses commonly seen on Ethereum network.

This guide shows how to register your own custom Near address:

  1. Go to create new Near account: and pick available name:

2. Pick Recovery Phrase (default) option on next screen:

3. Backup your Recovery Phrase in a safe place:
(Consider LastPass: to avoid lost secrets)

4. Confirm you know your phrase:

5. And finally get to funding address:

The NEAR account creation is not free and requires a minimum stake of 1 Near.

Your best bet is to buy small amount of Near on Binance: and withdraw 1 Near to your funding address.

Once funds are received your account will be registered on Near Blockchain.



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