Decentralized Private Key Backup and Recovery System

  1. User private key is encrypted with a user password provided;
  2. Resulted encrypted string is split into two halves;
  3. Each half is double encrypted by separate shared secret key for recipient guardian;
  4. Shared secret is created by combining user FIO private key with guardian FIO public key;
  5. The resulted encrypted content is sent in FIO request to the guardian address;
  6. User submits his email as off-chain communication channel for key recovery protocol;
  7. Guardian is only able to decrypt his half by using shared secret key of combination of his FIO private key with sender FIO public key;
  8. Guardian never has access to user’s entire private key (even in encrypted form).

Recovery mechanism:

  1. User contacts each guardian by email or other channels with request to initiate key recovery;
  2. Depending on each guardian recovery policy he may request registered email confirmation and transaction from associated blockchain account, which may serve as recovery fee;
  3. In cases when user selects guardians from his social circles — verification step can be simplified and recovery fees waived;
  4. After confirmation each guardian provides to user decrypted content of FIO Request;
  5. User will need to combine two halves provided by each guardian into one string and decrypt it using password only user knows;
  6. At the end user receives plain text private key he can re-import and use in any wallet.



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Eugene Luzgin

Eugene Luzgin

Software technology leader and problem solver with diverse track record in software industry roles ranging from individual contributor to a startup founder.