It has almost been three years since two young entrepreneurs launched a new blockchain project, called NEAR Blockchain. Last summer, their hard work delivered the first major milestone when NEAR came out with the restricted version of the MainNet. Then the team successfully launched…

Learn about NEAR at

NEAR is a new Proof of Stake Blockchain, which is fast growing in adoption and market value:

NEAR supports names addresses like name.near in addition to long hash addresses commonly seen on Ethereum network.

This guide shows how to register your own custom Near…

Case for why Telos is undervalued and EOS still overvalued.

EOS price have taken a lot of beating recently after latest announcement of its creator Dan Larimer leaving Block.One to most likely focus on other projects:

This news have become a last straw for most hardcore EOS believers who…


This article is a digest of an official NEAR white-paper:

NEAR is a Proof-of-Stake Blockchain and a smart contract platform designed to run distributed applications.

NEAR Key Features:

  • End-User Usability — Easy user onboarding with Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, easy subscriptions and predictable resource pricing.
  • Developer usability — Run…

Almost everyone who is active in cryptocurrency World have heard about EOS Blockchain, which promised to become Ethereum killer but later came under criticism for its centralization, corruption and vote buying.

I helped to launch EOS Blockchain as a founder of EOS Tribe block producer candidate back in 2017 and…

Ever since I joined new Blockchain revolution I started thinking of a cornerstone problem of all cryptocurrencies — private key management.

The simple truth is that most of us — human beings do not want to deal with managing long cryptographic keys like the followings:


ETH: 0x44b9abf2708d9adeb1722dcc1e61bef14e5611dee710d66f106e356a111bef90


Eugene Luzgin, EOS Tribe, September 2019

It has been a roller-coaster year and I think it’s a good point in time to reflect on this History and share my personal opinion on a state of EOS Blockchain today.

It all started with a small community of technical geeks who started very first EOS testnets.

We have…

We are pleased to announce that Kibisis wallet now support Meet.One EOSIO sidechain accounts.

You can now import your Meet.One account into your Kibisis wallet along with your EOS, BOS, Worbli or Telos accounts.

Kibisis wallet is designed to provide simple intuitive interface in native iPhone application to provide all core account management functionality:

  • Viewing resource usage levels for account;
  • Staking and Unstaking for CPU and Network;
  • Buying additional RAM if needed;
  • Transfer coins to another account;
  • Voting for Block Producers;
  • History of transactions;
  • View token balances;
  • Lease EOS on Chintai platform.

Kibisis wallet is available in eight languages on your App Store:

English | Chinese | Korean | Japanese | German | Spanish | Russian | French

More information available here:



  1. 首先安装MetaMask钱包并按照说明操作:
  2. 向您添加EOS令牌支持MetaMask钱包 — 点击“添加令牌”按钮:



EOS Tribe是一个专注于区块链基础设施和软件的杰出区块生产商候选人。 总部位于怀俄明州,在德克萨斯州达拉斯和犹他州盐湖城设有卫星办公室,我们的使命是为EOS网络提供全球企业级基础设施,该网络将于2018年6月2日推出。

EOS Tribe 建立在一个共同的目标上,就是我们在这个地球上的时间是有目 …

Eugene Luzgin

Software technology leader and problem solver with diverse track record in software industry roles ranging from individual contributor to a startup founder.

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